Temple Grandin Up for Voting in TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People in 2010

Autistic self-advocate and cattle expert Temple Grandin is up for voting in TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2010 list. You can vote fore Temple Grandin online and help her make the top 100 list.

Here is how TIME describes Ms. Grandin:

As a child Grandin was diagnosed with autism, and her parents were told she should be institutionalized. But Grandin, who once described her condition as making her “like an animal with no instincts to guide me,” used that perspective to become one of the world’s most respected advocates for the humane treatment of livestock. She also earned her Ph.D. and became an author, writing books about animals (Animals in Translation, Animals Make Us Human) and about autism. She lectures and consults around the country, and her life is a symbol of how much an autistic person can achieve.

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