SafeMinds Chastises the CDC for New Autism Study

Yesterday I published information about the CDC new study, which shows that 1 in 110 children in the United States have autism. The study results were published last Friday and on Monday, SafeMinds published their own press release chastising the CDC.

SafeMinds stands for Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders. The organization implores the CDC to answer the “tough questions” about autism and its rapidly increasing prevalence.

These tough questions include:

What environmental toxin is still rapidly accumulating worldwide and has been known to cause developmental problems? Might it be mercury from coal plant emissions and other manmade sources?

Why does the CDC still allow even trace amounts of mercury in vaccines given that the trace is coupled with other toxic ingredients like aluminum, phenol, formaldehyde and other carcinogens?

I don’t think that the CDC can answer the first question. As far as I know, no scientists have been able to determine, definitively, what causes autism. Well, there is a strong genetic link in some families but aside from the genetic factor, I don’t think there are any studies out there that conclude x, y, and z cause autism.

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