Autism Benefits Available Through Arizona’s DDD

Here is an excerpt from an article about the qualifying for, and receiving benefits from, the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Autism Benefits Available in Arizona: Respite Care, Habilitation, Medicaid, and Therapy Covered by DDD

Benefits for children and adults with autism vary by state. In Arizona, individuals on the autism spectrum can take advantage of a variety of benefits including respite care, habilitation, and state-covered health insurance. State-provided services also cover several therapy options including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

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  1. Joshua Kreutzer says:

    My son Ethan has sever autism. I am in the Airforce as a recruiter. I need to know how to get help for my son. My wife just left the state and left me in full charge of my son. I need to know how to get the DDD’s help for him. If you could email me with this information ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joshua

    • Hi Joshua, Call this number and ask about applying for DDD benefits. They will set you up with the proper office for your area: (866) 229-5553. Alternately, you can visit the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities website at: Good luck!

      • If you still need help please let me know. My son is six years old and he has DDD services. You can contact Raising a Special Child for help. The organization actually helped me to get DDD service for my son.