Medicinal Marijuana – A New Autism Treatment?

I recently heard a news report about a mother in California who is treating her autistic son, with the doctor’s blessing, with medicinal marijuana via brownies. Yes, pot-filled brownies have helped the child control his aggression as well as increase his appetite. Marijuana is known to relax a person and induce “the munchies” and the mother has seen a dramatic turn-around in her son’s condition. Medicinal marijuana is controversial, but its use in a juvenile is even more controversial.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the use of medicinal marijuana to treat autistic symptoms in a child?

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  1. Well, its good to know marijuana can bring good benefit and has a positive effect. I just the child wont get high!

  2. My son is autistic and I can it’s a difficult life for him, as well as for those around him. If he is able to function in a social environment with this as an aid, then I say sign me up!! My son is such a brilliant individual and, at times, he is completely locked in his own world that is oppositional, irrationale and even aggressive. I think the biggest importance is to teach him when he needs it, as to allow for him to not abuse it. There are individuals in this world who are able to use it as an aid and not abuse the situation. When it isn’t a restricted substance is when it will less likely be abused.


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