Attachment Parenting and Your Child With Autism

The following is an excerpt of a post, which appears on API Speaks, the Attachment Parenting International blog. As a mom who practices attachment parenting principles, and the mother of two children on the autism spectrum, this post really resonated with me and so I wanted to share it with you, the readers of The Autism Education Site.

Attachment Parenting and Autism

I didn’t choose AP as much as Daniel chose it for me. He was a relentless child, even in the womb, who moved, rolled, hiccupped constantly. I gave in 1/3 out of love, 2/3 out of sheer desperation and need for survival. He was only happy being held, so I held him. He would only sleep next to me, so I cuddled him. I breastfed at will and watched my son thrive. He weighed well over 11 lbs at only one month old!

Head on over to API Speaks to read the post, in its entirety.

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