Upcoming Autism Conferences in Mesa, Arizona and NYC

Autism Conferences of America is preparing for two upcoming autism conferences – one in Mesa, Arizona and one in NYC.

Back-to-School Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Conference in Mesa, Arizona
This conference will be held at the Mesa Convention Center and feature an opening keynote address by Temple Grandin. Workshops will cover a variety of topics including a discussion of psychiatric medications and an examination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for autism.

Educating & Healing Children with Autism in NYC
The autism conference in NYC will feature a variety of workshops about biomedical treatments for autism spectrum disorders. Additionally, many well known autism biomedical writers will be in attendance including Kim Stagliano, David Kirby, and Dan Olmsted.

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  1. That’s great Mesa was chosen for the upcoming conference. The Mesa Convention Center looks amazing with many improvements completed during the last year. If you need any assistance from our experienced Convention and Visitors Bureau, please feel free to contact me or visit us at http://www.VisitMesa.com
    Thanks again. James

  2. Good morning. Thanks for mentioning the NY conference. Temple Grandin is keynote speaker, and joining my panel are Stephen Shore (adult with Asperger’s, author) and Barbara Fisckin (parent of a 22 year old with autism and author.)

    Also, Dan and I will be at the NVIC conference in DC that same weekend – on Sunday.

    You have an excellent site here!


  3. I wonder if there is any research exploring whether Autism is caused by a metabolic disorder instead of genetic or nuerological one. Especially since patients do respond to dietary changes. Its true that in recent times the rate of autism has increased alongside how immunization has become standardized but there have been many dietary changes for pregnant mothers and babies too. we consume more refined foods and chemicals than ever before and the use of infant formula etc….

  4. James, I’m a native Arizonian (?) so I’ve been to the Mesa Convention Center many, many times. It is a great facility.

    Kim, thank you for the comment and good luck with the event.

    Mariam – I know that some moms on one of the autism message boards I belong to have ended up finding out that their children have metabolic and/or mitochondrial disorders as well. I will see if I can find some links to official research but I know I’ve come across metabolic studies recently.