Autism Schools in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Utah

In honor of back-to-school time, I’ve begun a series of articles on the Suite 101 website that focuses on specialized autism schools across the nation. The first three articles include Autism Schools in Arizona, Autism Schools in Colorado and Utah, and Autism Schools in Florida.

Although the list of schools I included in the article is by no means comprehensive, I chose to focus on a few select schools in each state.

Autism Schools in Arizona

  • Chrysalis Academy
  • Gateway Academy
  • Pieceful Solutions

Autism Schools in Colorado

  • The Joshua School

Autism Schools in Florida

  • Florida Autism Center of Excellence
  • Jacksonville School for Children with Autism
  • Peace by Piece
  • The Victory Center

Autism Schools in Utah

  • Carmen B. Pingree Center for Children with Autism
  • Spectrum Academy
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  1. Volusia county Florida is lucky enough to have 2 new schools starting this fall. The Chase Academy, Inc. is located in South Daytona and currently accepting enrollments.


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