ACTION ALERT: HR3200 Does not Include Autism Insurance Reform Provisions

I just received this via email, please spread the message!

HR 3200 which is the House Health Reform bill does NOT have provisions for autism insurance reform included – yet.

So here is the analogy. The ship has pulled out of port. We have to get on at the next dock because they didn’t hear us the first time. We can still get on but if we don’t yell really loudly we don’t even have a chance to be a rat in the cargo hold must less enjoy getting some sun and fun on the lido deck.

We have to get an amendment attached now that will include autism insurance reform. To do that we MUST grab the attention of Speaker Pelosi.

An action alert will be coming out shortly but in the meantime, I need EACH AND EVERYONE of you right now to get busy spreading this word through your own personal email methods because that bill is in markup at this very moment. She needs to hear from us and it needs to be an unusually high volume of calls.

One or two calls or even 300 is NOT GOING TO DO THIS when there are 300 Million people in the country she reports to so figure out what you can do personally to drive up volume…and follow up and make sure everyone realizes this is it. Game on. Now.

Please forward an email that says this:

The health reform ship has sailed and autism insurance reform is not on it. H.R. 3200 is currently in mark up and our hope of acheiving autism insurance reform as part of the larger health reform initiative will require an amendment.

Now more than ever I need you to call Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office at 202-225-0100 and tell her office that health insurance reform that does not stop autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable.

You need to get 20 people in your life MINIMUM to call within the next two hours and you must keep the pressure up and keep the pressure on if you want to see this for your children.

All you have to say is this:

“Hi. My name is ________. I believe that health insurance that does not stop autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable and I am counting on Speaker Pelosi to be sure that children with autism have appropriate coverage for the treatments and therapies they deserve access to for their medical condition. Thank you.”

Spread it far and wide…go go go!

Shelley Hendrix
Autism Speaks

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  1. I looked at HR3200 and on page 398 everything seems to be classified under mentally retarded. You can work your way backwards through sub sections, SSDI, title XIX. It looks like the States will be responsible for some of it. Obama said he was pulling $506 billion out of Medicare and Medicaid, so I suspect children and adults with disabilities and older people will be getting the shaft.

    When they start blaming retards and old people for all the systems problems and using crude language, I smell trouble coming.

  2. Hi Duane,

    Unfortunately, a large population of individuals on the autism spectrum do not meet the criteria for any of the cognitively disabled (aka mentally retarded) designations. I know that children in Arizona and California are getting nailed with state budget cuts and I imagine they aren’t alone.



  3. They changed the page to 389 from 398 on the updated version.