Judson Center Celebrates Grand Opening of its New Autism Center

Judson Center (www.judsoncenter.org), a comprehensive nonprofit community resource that creates solutions to improve the lives of individuals and families, today opens the newly-constructed Autism Center at its 4410 W. 13 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, Mich. headquarters. Judson Center employees, autism advocates and families as well as local leaders and media were in attendance for the Grand Opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Judson Center’s new Autism Center is equipped to engage children, teens and young adults with autism with tools geared specifically to foster personal growth and independence. The Center’s features include:

— Varied-material textures to heighten sensory perception;
— Individual rooms offering specialized therapies;
— A children’s play area;
— A fully accessible kitchen and dining area; and
— A dedicated life skills area

“We are thankful to the many donors that helped us construct our new and much needed Autism Center to provide a resource to children, adults and families in southeast Michigan affected by Autism,” said Marn G. Myers, LMSW, president and CEO of Judson Center. “We need the community’s ongoing support to furnish and equip the Autism Center and to launch the educational, therapeutic and support programs that will run within it.”

A $1.2 million capital campaign to support the new brick and mortar facility and the purchase of its furnishings and equipment is currently underway. With additional funding from the community, Judson Center will offer continued enhanced services to those with autism and their families in the new Autism Center.

The new Autism Center enables participants in Judson Center’s Autism Connections program to get more out of their therapies with focused and expert care, and furthers the organization’s mission to let consumers live the best lives possible.

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