African-American Autism Support Services of Arizona Parent Support Group

Approximately 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism in the United States according to federal statistics as of 2007. These numbers place Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders at an alarming high rate and even at an epidemic level and early intervention services are crucial in the development milestones for children diagnosed. The average age of diagnosis for children as a whole is about 20 months old, but in the African- American community the average age of diagnosis is about 5 ½ years old. A LOT OF PRECIOUS EARLY INTERVENTION SUPPORT IS LOST. However, it is never too late to start.

This support group was founded to offer support in an environment that is culturally supportive and to equip families with knowledge and resources to assist their family on there journey in advocacy and helping there diagnosed family member have the best quality of life.

The tendency of families is to isolate because you feel you are all ALONE and no one will UNDERSTAND. Well, I am here to say you are not alone this group was founded to burst that myth.

This support group is geared towards the African American community considering the cultural needs that must be considered in obtaining and receiving support and the lack of resources to assist in this area. However, we encourage anyone and everyone to come and be apart of this group.

Our second meeting will take place:

Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 11am – 12:00pm.

You are welcomed to bring your child with you. These groups are informal opportunities for individuals and families to come together to receive support, knowledge, and resources.

Cesar Chavez Library – Conference Room
3635 West Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Please call Lynette Tolliver at (602) 772-1412 or e-mail and leave a message advising of your attendance and/or if you have any questions with a contact number or e-mail for follow up.

Thank You….Pass The Word On….We Will See You There!!!

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  1. You Tube has a very interesting video called “autism spectrum seems out of control” also: “autism epidemic out of control.” It’s a must see for people dealing with autistic children on either side of spectrum.

  2. Hey hope all is well. Samuel and I are well but life continues to be very busy and stressfull. Our seven year son that is autistic has been going through several changes and we are just trying to manage. We were happy to see the memo by raising special kids regarding ABA therapy services. Take care and we hope to rejoin you soon. Thanks for your involvement and being a support service in the community.


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