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wellalarmcharmsA few months ago, I connected with Stephanie Cion after a Twitter conversation about the importance of medical IDs for children with disabilities, allergies, and other special circumstances. Stephanie is the founder of WELLalarm; she created the company after a near-death experience due to a medical condition. After speaking with Stephanie, both via email and on the phone, she offered a trial product for my daughter to use so that I could compare the WELLalarm product to our current medical ID solution – a MedicAlert bracelet.

“WELLalarm, incorporated in September 2007, is a next-generation emergency medical alert system that harnesses the power of technology and fashion to protect the lives of millions of people living with serious conditions and provide easy access to peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, first responders can access life-saving information from a WELLalarm™ account – such as blood type, allergies, medications and contact information – by entering the WELL-ID code found on a wallet card, key tag, sticker, label, bracelet or necklace. WELLcharms™ and WELLtags™ is WELLalarm’s line of sophisticated, smart jewelry that allow the wearer to identify their illness or allergy. Designed for both adults and children, wearers can have the confidence that life-saving information is only moments away.” Source: WELLalarm

The first thing that I like about the WELLalarm product is the wide variety of identification products available. There are traditional medical identification bracelets but many have a bit of a fashionable twist. One that struck me as quite unique is the bracelet with a bee charm on it to signify that the wearer is allergic to bees. Of course, this information is available the WELLalarm system but the charm adds an instant identification element to the product.

WELLalarm also sells a variety of kid-friendly medical identification products. One of the most difficult challenges I faced after purchasing bracelets for my children is the adjustment that they both had to make with something dangling from their ankle. I chose to purchase large bracelets and use them on their ankles in hopes that they wouldn’t notice the bracelet as much. Unfortunately, with their sensory sensitivities, it took quite some time for both of them to get used to it. Although it has been about a year, they are still irritated with them from time to time.

For those with sensory sensitive children, WELLalarm customers can use stickers or iron-on clothing labels to help identify their child’s medical needs. I find that the iron-on labels are great for jackets, backpacks, or other items carried frequently by school-aged children. The stickers can be placed on a stroller, car seat, etc.

In registering for the website, I found the process to be upfront and thorough. I was unsure whether to enter my name or my daughter’s name upon initial registration, but I had the same issue when registering for MedicAlert. Unlike MedicAlert, however, it was easy to go back and change the name and birth date to my daughter’s.

The information contained in the WELLalarm system is extremely comprehensive. In addition to medical conditions, allergies, and medications, the system also houses insurance information, a section to track any vaccinations or immunizations, a WELLcalendar, and much more.

My initial impression of both WELLalarm, and its founder Stephanie Cion, are extremely favorable. While I understand that MedicAlert has been around for decades, the WELLalarm products are a bit more technologically advanced and are a good fit for today’s families. As we get more time under our belt using the product (a beautiful necklace that my daughter actually enjoys wearing), I will be posting an updated review.

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