Resources to Help you Secure a Para Pro for your Child

Parents of children with autism, and other disabilities, may find that navigating the school system is difficult, at best. One of the more laborious chores is securing a para professional to help their child. Wrights Law’s latest newsletter has listed several resources that will help parents get that much needed para pro for their child. Not only does the site provide great information for parents, it uses IDEA 2004 as its framework.

What IDEA 2004 says about Paraprofessionals
This article provides information from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 as to what, exactly, para pros are allowed to do.

How to Request a One-to-One Paraprofessional for Your Child
If you are considering a request for a one-on-one para pro for your child, you need to read this first. It will help prepare you for the request and the (probable) initial rejection of the request.

Additional paraprofessional resources on Wrights Law:

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