Ohio Screening Very Few Infants and Toddlers for Autism

The following is from a press release by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The information is included in a list of several topics that will be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies in Baltimore, which began today.

Few screened for autism: Perhaps as few as 5 percent of infants and toddlers in Ohio are being screened for autism and developmental disorders at well-child visits, despite American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommending the use of specific screening tools.

Additionally, the following autism-related item will also be discussed:

Autism, poor nutrition and cognitive function: Autistic children have a strong preference for a narrow and specific range of foods, putting them at nutritional risk. In a second study, researchers found that the red blood cells of children with autism have low levels of a fatty acid linked to cognitive function, warranting further research into how this may trigger biochemical changes in the brain linked to the disorder.

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