North Carolina Autism Summer Camp in Need of Financial Sponsorships

moneyThe recession is affecting summer camps throughout the United States and an autism camp in North Carolina is feeling the crunch. Although the tuition at Camp Royall runs upward of $1500 per week, the camp using a sliding scale so that children can attend even if their parents can’t afford the full tuition.

According to an article that appeared on the Lincoln Tribune website, the average amount paid per camper in 2008 was $490, which represents a loss of $400 per camper.

“The financial challenge of caring for someone with autism is significant,” says Scott Badesch, CEO of the Autism Society of North Carolina. “Our renowned summer camp program provides life-changing experiences for individuals living with autism. Our goal is to be able to offer that experience to families without causing additional financial strain.” Source: Lincoln Tribune

For more information and ways that you can help, read the article: Camp for People with Autism Seeks Sponsorships.

Photo by AMagill

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