Seeking Parents of Children who Have Attended an Autism Summer Camp

My children are young – 7 and 5 – and I haven’t taken the leap to enroll them in a special needs/autism summer camp. The area in which I live doesn’t have the widest variety of options available but as I report about autism summer camps across the country, I realize that there are some truly unique camping experiences available.

I am interested in interviewing parents of children who have attended an autism or special needs summer camp. I want to hear first hand experiences, either good or bad, and report on them here at The Autism Education Site. If you want to share your experiences but remain anonymous, I will gladly respect that.

If you’re interested, please post a comment here or fill out my contact form. Please feel free to pass this on to your email lists, blogs, contacts, etc.


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  1. Hi, I have many years of experience with camps for ASD kids, if you’d like to ask specifics, please do. I have two children on the spectrum – aspergers and autism so I’ve experienced both camps that are offered thru the Autism Society of Minnesota.