Florida Autism Camp May be Cancelled Due to Funding

The worldwide financial crisis is hitting one Florida special needs camp hard. The Pasco Association for Challenged Kids (PACK) needs to raid tens of thousands of dollars in order to open its doors for its traditional, four-week summer camp.

An article by Carl Orth on The Suncoast News website tells of the camp’s plight:

“Our kids have nowhere else to go!” Barry Cohen wrote in the e-mail plea for help. “Most of our kids are severely autistic, and we have several Down’s kids as well as many with (cerebral palsy) who are in wheelchairs. Our kids are often non-verbal, not potty trained, have medical needs which require a full-time nurse, and have very challenging behaviors.”

For more information on the issue or if you’d like to donate, read the entire article: PACK deals with possibility of canceling summer camp

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