Another Look at Autism Rates Among Somalis in Minnesota

Last year, news about the unusually high rate of autism among children of Somali descent in Minneapolis was plastered across the web.  Today, the story is making headlines again.

In an article that appears on the Associated Press wire today, the rate of Somali children that are being educated in the Minneapolis school system’s autism programs are compared to those of non-Somali children.

“More research is also needed to determine if the high share of Somali preschoolers in the district’s autism programs is unique to Minneapolis, or common to Minnesota and other Somali population centers.

The Somali population in Minnesota was more than 24,000 in 2006, according to the U.S. Census. Local activists claim the actual number is higher. The population is centered in Minneapolis, where nearly 2,000 public school students speak Somali at home.”

For more information, read Report Finds High Rates Of Autism In Somali Kids.

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