Special Connections at Camp Briarwood in Alabama


Special Connections Camp at Camp Briarwood in Alabama has announced dates for its 2009 sessions. Session 1 is a day camp session that will run from June 22 – 26, 2009. Session A is the only overnight Special Connections Camp and will be held from July 5 – 11, 2009. Session 3 (day camp) is July 13 – 17 and Session 4 is scheduled for July 20 – 24.

About Special Connections Camp
Special Connections Camp is a Christian camp for boys and girls with disabilities of all types, including wheelchair users. Camp Briarwood partners with the Special Connections ministry, a community outreach to families touched by disability.

Each Special Camper participates in a group with typical campers and is offered the full range of camp activities.

Each camper is assigned his/her own counselor for the week. The counselors are able to attend to any special needs and to provide support in order for the camper to participate with a typical camp group. Counselors are trained to understand specific disabilities of the campers. High emphasis is placed on camper safety and each counselor is trained in safety techniques.

Camp fees range from $347 to $355 per session for the day camps and $500 – $600 for the overnight session. More information can be obtained by calling (205) 776-5122.

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