Transitions During School Breaks

One of the hallmark challenges of individuals on the autism spectrum is difficulty with transitions. It took several weeks for our family to get into a groove after school started. Last week, both of the kids were out for fall break. This meant – transition time. However, this wasn’t your standard transition. School was out on Friday, October 3 and on Sunday, October 5 we took a vacation to Disneyland. New transition.

After a couple of days in Disneyland, we had our new groove. Unfortunately, it was time to transition again – this time back to home. We made it home with three days until school started and it was rough on everyone. No one was able to get into a non-school routine. The kids have been back in school three days now and this morning went smoothly. I think the transition back into school went more quickly this time because there was only a one week break instead of a 2.5 month summer break.

I’m curious how the readers of The Autism Education Site work on transitions during school breaks with their children. Leave me a comment and share. :)

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