The Vista School in Hershey, Pennsylvania

I have just added The Vista School, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to the Pennsylvania Autism Schools section of The Autism Education Site. The Vista School was founded in 2002 with a two-fold mission: 1) operate a day school and provide other educational and therapeutic programs for children diagnosed with autism employing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in a consistent and intensive manner and (2) to act as a resource to local school districts and parents striving to meet the {Read More}

Homeschooling Your Child with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

Sending your autistic child to a public or private school isn’t the only educational option you have. Many families that have a child on the spectrum choose to homeschool their child for a variety of reasons. Some families have always envisioned that they would homeschool any children they have and although autism wasn’t planned, it doesn’t change their desire to homeschool. Other families may be homeschooling out of necessity as opposed to desire. Whether the school setting was too much {Read More}