Valley School for 2E Children Being Planned in Arizona

2E is also known as twice exceptional.  Twice exceptional learners are gifted but also have learning challenges.  A 2E child may have Asperger’s Syndrome yet be gifted in one or more subjects.  Other 2E children may be verbally gifted yet have a math learning disability.  Educating twice exceptional children can be difficult.  To address these challenges, a new school in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona is being planned.

The Valley School for 2E children plans to replicate the Brideun Learning Communities which is located in Lafayette, Colorado.  Other information about the planned school include:

  • The school plans to educate up to 25 third through eighth grade students.
  • Speech and occupational therapy will be integrated into the classroom.
  • Target open date – August 2009
  • Estimated annual tuition will run between $20k and $25k
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