Free Special Needs Yoga Class in Boulder, CO – 8/2/14

Free Yoga for Special Needs Kids in Boulder, Colorado

The Om Holistic Center for Autism & Developmental Disorders in Boulder, Colorado is hosting a free special needs yoga class on Saturday, August 2, 2014. The one-hour class begins at noon at Yoga Pod, which is located at 1750 29th Street Unit 2020 in Boulder. I wish we lived closer – yoga is great for children with autism, sensory processing issues and other special needs. For more information, including registration and contact details, please check out the flyer below.

Autism In The News – Week of July 21


Top autism news from the week of July 21, 2014. Genetics play a bigger role than environmental causes for autism Genetics plays more of a role in the development of autism than environmental causes, according to new research published Sunday in Nature Genetics. The study found that 52% of autism risk comes from common genes, while only 2.6% are attributed to spontaneous mutations caused by, among other things, environmental factors. Safety: It takes a village! A 2012 study from the {Read More}

Arizona Autism School Opens Third Campus

Pieceful Solutions Arizona Autism School

Pieceful Solutions is a tuition-free Arizona autism charter school and it recently celebrated the grand opening of its third campus. The new campus, located in Gilbert, is dedicated to serving junior high and high school students on the autism spectrum. Pieceful Solutions was started in 2008 and in just six short years, the school has expanded to three campuses dedicated to educating children on the autism spectrum from kindergarten through high school. Congratulations to Pieceful Solutions!

A Disability Pass Isn’t Worth The Disability

Southwest Airlines - Disabilities Preboarding

On Friday my husband and I surprised the kids with a day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. My husband travels for work, so we put his frequent flyer miles to use and flew to California for the day. While picking up our pre-boarding pass at the Southwest Airlines gate in Phoenix, I noticed that the airline no longer uses the blue pre-boarding sleeve. The gate agent explained that people were selling the blue sleeves on eBay. How sad is that? {Read More}

Is Autism A Disability? [Video]


When I first launched The Autism Education Site, one of my goals was to present all different sides of the spectrum story. From those seeking a cure to autistic self-acceptance and pro-neurodiversity stances. Today, I’m sharing a video from the ‘Ask an Autistic’ series. This segment focuses on the question, “Is Autism A Disability?”

2014 Autism Society of America Conference – Breakout Sessions

2014 ASA Conference - Breakout Sessions

The 45th Annual Autism Society of America (ASA) kicks off on July 23, 2014 at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. ASA’s annual autism conference is one of the most information-packed conferences I’ve ever attended – autism or not. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s just a small sampling of the breakout sessions being offered this year: Grief and Autism: Conceptualizing, Comprehending and Living through It Better Equipping Students, Schools, and Communities {Read More}